Radio show host and entertainment pundit Ola Michael has labeled actor and comedian Funny Face as a liar and an emotional blackmailer.

According to the Neat FM entertainment show host, Funny face is sick and needs to be taken to the psychiatric hospital to be taken care off.

Ola Michael also accused the comedian of being a liar and an emotional blackmailer . Speaking on his prime-time show, he called on the public to stop refering to the comedian as Children’s President since his attitudes and behavior is in variance with his title.

His remarks comes after the baby mama of Funny Face, Ama Venessa granted an interview stating her side of the brouhaha that ensued between herself and funny face.

In an interview, the 9 months pregnant baby mama of the comedian stated that she was rather the one who was being abused by the comedian.

She also alleged that funny face used to hit her in her abdomen even after she had given birth to their twins.

According to Ama Venessa, she decided to fight back when she could not take in the abuse she was receiving from Funny Face. Narrating one of her encounters, the mother of three revealed she only resorted to cutting the comedian because he had her head under her armpit and was beating her up.