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Funny Face was taken to court because his guarantor changed his mind and not because he said “wo maame tw3 “- read full story here

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February 18, 2021

Funny Face was arrested earlier this week by members of the Ghana police and arraigned before the Ofaakor Circuit court in Kasoa.

There has been speculations as to why he was arrested. Many had concluded that the comedian was taken to court because of the consistent amount of insults he vented on the police daily.

This conclusion was further heightened by an interview granted by Hajia Police;- a police officer turned gospel musician who opined that people can be arrested for saying “Wo maame tw3” to personnels of the Ghana police.

However, our checks at the court and a source with the police prosecution team who wants to remain anonymous revealed a different story.

Apparently, Funny Face was arraigned before the Judge Ebenezer Osei Darko circuit court because his surety pulled back.

The individual who had earlier served as a guarantor for the comedian when he was arrested earlier for shooting indiscriminately changed his mind.

Our sources familiar with the story tells us that, the guarantor was scared Funny Face might elope or defy his bail and that might put him in trouble so to mitigate that unknown risk, he cancelled his guarantee.

This eventuality force the police to arraigned the comedian before the law Court and not because Funny Face insulted the police.

Upon hearing the prosecution case, Judge Ebenezer Osei Darko requested that Funny Face be taken to the Accra Psychiatric hospital for observation and rehabilitation for a period of two weeks.

This was based on the Judge own discretion.

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