Popular US show host, commentator and reactor mostly known for creating comedic reaction videos to shows like Love and Hip Hop , Kendall Kyndall has declared Ghana a nicer place than it’s neighbors Nigeria.

According to the show host, he is never ever going back to Nigeria after his experience in both countries. He has therefore rated Ghana above Nigeria in terms of it’s people and city.

He took to his IG story and said

So far Ghana is wayy wayy better than Nigeria. They are nicer here, it’s nicer. But stay tune. I will never ever go to Nigeria. IDC!! Ever!!! You hear me??! Ever”

kendallkyndall was in Nigeria to host a program that was meant to start from 12 pm to 6 pm but to his utmost surprise, the guest started attending the show after 6 pm.

Kendall Kendall, therefore, decided to ditch Nigeria for Ghana and so far so good, he has not regretted in taking that decision