2020 is fast approaching and Ghanaians have about 13months left to choose between the Egyptians and the red sea in the 2020 December election.

Ghanaians will be going to the polls in December of next year to decide if it is worth continuing with the current Akufo Addo -Bawumia NPP government or go back to the previous administration of the Mahama NDC.

Its quite clear Ghanaians have had enough of the failures and corruptions of the two political parties who seems to have taken the country and its citizens for a ride.

Award winning Ghanaian rapper Kwesi Arthur has taken to his social media handle twitter to share his view on the kind of leadership Ghanaian needs.

According to the Tema based rapper, Ghana needs new leaders because the two leaders we have had over the years fail us over and over again.

The rapper , who was nominated for an award BET last year, added that anyone who believes the words of the NDC and NPP are basically part of the problem.

Though the rapper wasn’t specific, it was clear he was referring to the NPP-NDC leadership.