The Ghana police have been accused of randomly forcing people to unlock their phones for it to be search.

This claim was made by a young man by name Nii Duna Tse I on Facebook when he revealed that a friend of his was made to go through such traumatic experience when the police accosted him and forced him to unlock his phone for searching.

Usually such unwarranted and unprofessional behavior happens in Nigeria, where citizens with Laptops are deemed fraudsters and are apprehended unjustifiably. It seems this pathetic quagmire has entered Ghana if the young man’s claims are true.

He said

Ghana Police Service I don’t know if this is your actual page or not, but if it is then I want to bring something to your notice.
I’m very very sure there’s NO law that allows any of your men stop a random citizen going about his daily activities and ask to check his or her Phone. It has become a thing lately, your men meet Young men in town, on the streets and force them to unlock their phones for them to go through. It’s really sickening that instead of upholding the law, you guys break it way more than everyone else!🤦🏽‍♂️

The Ghana Police are yet to respond.