A Ghanaian man has encountered an ideal situation that doesn’t come off as ideal to him.
The twitter user, @AlexKodzoBiney whose bio says he is an anthropologist has discovered Tom Brown in a tin of milk he has bought this morning for his tom brown.

“Bought this Ideal Milk this morning for my Tom Brown and this is what I found to be the milk. Is this the product from @Nestle ?” he captioned photos showing the content he found the Ideal Milk tin.”

A couple of twitter users have agreed that they have also experienced the same as other tweeps are reacting to this kind ‘double-double’ blessing even though we won’t advise anyone to taste this ideal tom brown.
So far, Nestle Consumer Care has replied his tweet, apologizing and asking for his contact details to be able to reach out to him. Catch up with that and what tweeps got a lot to say about this.