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“Ghanaian Movie Makers are doing their part, but the Media is only interested in Bad News” – Justice Abadah

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December 23, 2019

Film maker and Actor, Justice Ornan Abadah, has shared his views on why he thinks the movie industry in Ghana is not progressing as it is doing in other African countries. He told ghananewsonline.com.gh in an interview that, if the local media focuses less on bad news but more on all the good things happening, the industry would really go places.

he said this year in particular, there has been so much good things happening in the industry but the hype has been very low. He mentioned some good movies that were premiered this year and other things that the media are is not talking about, and that to him is a worrying development for the future of the film industry in Ghana.

“A Ghanaian movie, “Azali” was nominated for Oscars but nobody is talking about it, they are talking about Genevieve’s Lion Heart but has forgotten that a Ghanaian movie made it to the final cut,” he stated passionately.

Justice Ornan Abadah made his screen debut in 2009, when he played “Madiba”, a talented songwriter of an environmentalist in the then popular TV series “Omanbapa”.

Before Omanbapa, Justice has always had the desire to be a writer, and through that desire and passion he found his way into theatre, he was the president of the Accra High Drama club, and out of school, an actor and a stage manager for the “Universal Theater Club” which was then a frontline member of the Ghana Union of Theatre Societies (GUTS).

Over the years Justice has starred in a couple of movies and series, including, “Moni en Fame”, “I do”, “2bad”, and the recently viral “Julor” which he also produced and directed.

His short film “Bitter Sweet Wine”, starring Anthony Wood and Victoria Lebene, won the ‘Golden Short Film of the year award’ at the 2017 Golden Movie Awards.

When asked if he has financiers or people investing into his film projects, the “julor’’ creator said gave a loud No!, indicating that he is managing things on his own.

“We have a lot of Investors in the country but most of them are not interested in investing in films anymore because they don’t see how money is made in the film industry,” Justice lamented. He believes that if people are sensitized more on how money is made in the film industry many would actually own up to invest in local films.

In February 2020, Justice will be premiering his next movie “The Cell”. He refused to say much about the plot for strategic reasons though very enthusiastic about it. According to him it promises a lot of thriller, suspense and action. Considering the success of “Julor”, we at CelebritiesHype.com we can’t wait to see “The Cell”.

Source: Ghananewsonline.com

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