In an aural smorgasbord of cultural influences and sounds, Ghana-hailing afro-beat star Aneero keeps a firm grip on his roots on new single ‘Dance Shoes’ – a track positively drenched in infectious celebration.

‘Dance Shoes’ is, among many other things, a party for the ears. A tightly-wound four-minute dance hall hit that leaves no space for the mood to settle – its persistent militant beat providing a great foundation for Aneero’s own stand out vocal deliveries alongside the track’s ear-worm chorus. This is, undoubtedly, a carefully arranged palette with a deft maturity only reflective of Aneero’s knack for genre fusion.

The track’s contemporary urban beat and party-loving vocals are an instant draw but the replay factor comes from its finely balanced mixture of English, Pidgin English, Twi and Zulu; tieing together these rich cultures all in the name of a good time. Intriguing still, Aneero channels the realms of Amapiano – having fallen in love with the South African style of house music at a party in Stevenage – but challenges what he believes is a reluctance to truly embrace the subgenre from other artists.

“I wanted something a bit more original from the South that also displayed their culture so I got the original Southern vibe and fused it with afrobeats to make this unique sound.” – Aneero

The result is an eclectic and vibrant first impression from one of the British-African music scene’s most exciting rising names – a song that never holds back on its arsenal of influences without losing sight of the crucial memorability that leaves listeners obliged to hit that replay button.

Anyone that would claim to have their finger on the pulse for new waves of talent in the afro-beat scene, or any genre at all for that matter, should sit up and take notice; Aneero’s rise is all too certain. Party, sing, celebrate – whatever you’re doing, make sure to have your dance shoes on.

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