Ghanaian actress and formidable member of the slay queens of Ghana, Moesha Buduong has lambasted her countrymen and women for how they treated her and her fellow celebrities after their no show with Cardi B.

According to the curvy actress, Ghanaians in the country and those outside are so dumb that they find joy in destroying others. She enquired what the fuzz was all about and why people have chosen to ridicule them after their experience on Sunday at the Kempinski Gold Coast hotel.

Moesha Buduong rather challenged the citizens to be concern more about pressing issues like bad road and the return of dumsor.

In a lengthy post on her Instagram story, she wrote

U are laughing today right. Tomorrow it will be your turn and you will see what your own Ghanaians will do you. Ghanaians destroy their own. What’s the big deal about this.they were invited she could not meet them at the agreed time and the time was charged. ,what’s such a big deal about this. It could happen to anyone. Is anyone saying if they were invited to meet Cardi B they won’t show? Ghanaians are so dumb. And that includes us here in Ghana and those in the diaspora. Why do we take so much pride in destroying ourselves? Why is this even news? Dumsor is back. Look at our roads and this is not gaining prominence. Fucked up country fucked up citizens”