Ghanaian singer and songwriter Sista Afia has taken to micro-blogging platform twitter to lament about the state of the Ghanaian entertainment industry in respect of artist and the attraction they get locally.

Ghanaians on social media have been showing praises on Burna Boy and Wizked for winning two awards at the 2021 edition of the Grammys. This reaction has informed the Ghanaian singer to release a series of tweets.

According to the ‘Jeje” hitmaker, there is so much success stories Ghanaians can be proud of about their artists but we rather clamor for foreign products and successes.

She used the recent achievement of Stonebwoy as an example and argued that, Ghanaians were not applauding Stonebwoy for being on Sean Paul’s album.

Where I come from, we don’t patronize our own products nd successes. There’s so much achievements that we can boast about as entertainers but its always limited. Recently, Stonebwoy featured on Sean Paul’s album and few ppl talked about it like it was just a regular feature But I woke up to see other foreign acts trending in my country

She also added that, Ghanaian artists don’t get the support Ghanaians give to foreigners in their country.

Like how, it doesn’t make sense. Funny enough, we don’t get same support in their country, not even half of what we give. I’m not saying we shouldn’t support, we can but the energy shouldn’t be more than what we get Yes we as artistes have our differences cos we are humans and this is a normal human nature but when it comes to what we do, we need to be united nd supportive. I’m not talking about the media, this is a general Ghanaian mentality and its really bad “we” are all victims to this”