Being on social media since the inception of Facebook ,twitter and Instagram, i have grown to understand that Ghanaians on these apps are not easily predictable by anyone and their reactions towards people especially celebrities changes spontaneously.

Its becomes more aggressive and out of place of you check Ghanaians attitude on Twitter, the same people seen heaping praises on someone today, will be the same set of people tearing them with insults like a cackle of hyenas teasing its prey. I once saw the same people salivating on Sister Derby when she was mentioned in a beef song Strongman had with Medikal, dissing her when she recently made a tweet about Berla Mundi.

This brings me to why am writing this piece. Adom TV journalist and presenter, a subsidiary of the Multimedia Group of Companies, Nana Yaa Brefo has come under immense criticisms and plain insults after she had an unforgettable interview with veteran actress and fellow TV presenter, Nana Ama Mcbrown. The Adom TV presenter subsequently resigned from the media house a week after her interview with people attributing her decision to the back-lashed she received after the interview.

She was called immature , unprofessional and her kind of questions labelled silly by entertainment critic and Pundit, Arnold Asamoah Baidoo. The insults did not stop there, other Ghanaians who felt she deserve more insults, followed her to her Instagram page and rained all kinds of insults on her. The insults became too much that she had to delete her first post on Instagram , wait a bit and post a new one to reduce the amount of invective she was receiving.

As predicted, Ghanaians were still not satisfied. Some took to Facebook to continue with their despicable acts of insulting the journalist who was doing her innocent duty. Ask questions , often on the spot and those thrown to you by your producers and directors ;people we don’t see on camera. So its unfortunate that after suffering all these insults and curses, Multimedia has still been quiet and deeply silent.

This is the time to stand by the journalist who had sacrifice 10 years of her life working with your establishment. She has ignored tempting deals and lucrative opportunities to move on to other networks just to remain loyal to you and this is how you pay her back for her many years of dedications ?. Adom Fm should be humanly enough to produce a statement supporting their staffs, especially Nana Yaa Brefo in these times and send a strong signal out there that they do not accept insulting and cursing of their staff.

My fear now is Nana Ama Mcbrown. In her couch she might be thinking i am loved by Ghanaians. Wrong!. The same Ghanaians typing those foul words at Nana Yaa Brefo will the same people channeling all the veins the neck can muster and rain curses on her if the table turns.

The people insulting Nana Yaa Brefo for her questions in interviews, are the same people praising Deloris Frimpong Manso of the Delay Show for her kind of questions. Hypocrisy at a rocket speed.