Ghanaian free to air television station, GhOne TV has apologized for an insensitive tweet it made on social media.

The television station came under a barrage of attacks this morning on social media when its twitter handle with over a million followers made an insensitive tweet concerning sexual assault. The tweet which questioned its followers what they did to attract sexual harassments was later pull down when followers took turns to bash the TV Station.

"Have you ever been sexually assaulted before ? What did you do to attract such treatment"

the media house posted

Their attempt to draw in comments from their followers failed as they were rather roasted for such tweet. Their followers saw it as ill thought and wasn’t supposed to be tweeted in the first place.

The media house later deleted the tweet and apologized unreservedly.

"We unreservedly apologise for our earlier post on sexual assault. The wording of our post was insensitive and we apologise for that. We are taking steps to avoid offending the sensibilities of any groupings in the future."

Unfortunately for the station, people still find the apology ill worded and wonder who was in charge of the stations twitter handle.