Mr. Joe Egbu, husband of Nigerian Gospel musician with international repute , Sinach has blasted Christians who tend to believe more in science than in God.

According to the business entrepreneur, it’s a shame that faith in God and wisdom in his name has been relegated to the background since the emergence of the coronavirus. He opined that, people now tend to believe more in science than God.

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He also took a swipe at men of God who now seek counsel from people of this world and have made their church now a gathering of convenience.

“It’s a Shame that Faith in God and Wisdom of God have been relegated in our Society.
People of God rely more on Science( Inventions) than God (Inventor)
Some Men of God now seek counsels from the People of the World ( I thought reverse was the case). They have relinquished their Authorities and Churches have become Gathering of Convenience.

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They have become Sheep like their Congregation, cowardly waiting for any Shepherd to proffer solution. It’s a Shame that Church, known for healing, is now regarded as a place to avoid.

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