Akuapem Poloo

Popular social media fanatic and actress, Rosemond Brown, known widely as Akuapem Poloo has said men of today are sex addict who only help women who provide them sex.

Speaking to Johnnie Hughes on TV3NewDay that was monitored by celebritieshype.com, the budding actress revealed that guys of today only give financial supports to ladies who provide them with sexual favors.

According to the social media entrepreneur, Guys of today are sex addicts who will only help ladies in return for sex.

She said;

i can stay off sex for a year if my man will still feed me , now a days the guys if they don’t have anything to do with you they won’t give you money, and if you don’t allow they to have something with you they will complain”.

She added that ” now guys are addicted to sex. Girls only give it because most of them are poor“.

Akuapem Poloo was in the studios of TV3 to promote her new single with Tic of TicTac fame.