Award winning Ghanaian actress and writer ,Lydia Forson has taken to micro-blogging platform Twitter to throw a shade at the Member of Parliament for Ningo Prampram , Sam George over a post the later made on Facebook.

The member of Parliament who is currently sponsoring a bill in Parliament meant to make the practice and advocacy of homosexuality and its like criminal in Ghana , shared a video on Facebook of a person dressed looking like a horse.

The intent of the video was to garner public opinioned-support for his bill against the LGBTQ and people who identified as other things aside the male and female gender.

They say I have no case to make. They say I am backward. They say I am not enlightened. See their enlightenment. See their progress. Clap for them.’‘He posted

But what the MP failed to add to his video was that, its currently Halloween and as a tradition in the west , people tend to dress in any way they find fun, weird and scary.

Seems the Ghanaian actress saw it and decided to call him out tactfully without a mention of his name.

Your favorite politician isn’t ignorant, he knows what Halloween is and how people dress; he also know their ignorance, lack of exposure and unwillingness to read so he uses this to capitalize on that. Cause fear and disgust by any means possible to further an agenda”