Actress and Movie producer Helen Omaboe has given credence to allegations spewed earlier by Mr. Beautiful that, Veteran sitcom actor T.T spend the donations he received on food.

In an interview with SammyKay, Mr. Beautiful revealed that T.T had received loads of donations and cash from Prophet Badu Kobi and that Ghanaians will be surprised when they see the kind of food T.T devours in his home.

According to Mr. Beautiful, T.T food looks like it was preferred for a King.

Speaking on Peace Fm entertainment Review , Hellen Omaboe who served as the intermediary between Prophet Badu and T.T, disclosed that, she was upset when T.T called to inform her that the monies he received from the clergyman had finished.

She didn’t conclude there but to add that, from her conversation with T.T , she could tell T.T used the monies to better his food.

about the food, speaking to him i could tell what Beautiful said is true. You know Gas love good food” she opined


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