Rufftown Records label singer, Wendy Shay has vent her spleen at government agencies and institutions for starving celebrities of their daily bread.

According to the “stevie wonder” hitmaker, creative arts persons of which she’s part off, are literally starving due to government agencies attempt to sanitize the industry.

In 2015, the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) introduced a new policy that prohibited celebrities from advertising for alcoholic beverages.

According to the FDA , the policy was in adherence to World Health Organisation principles and also to prevent children from being influenced by their celebrities into the consumption of these beverages.

Its also rumoured that the Gaming commission has also introduced a new policy that’s to prevent celebrities from advertising for betting companies.

Since the implementation of the FDA policy, some alcoholic beverages moved to Nigeria to engage its celebrities in its advertising projects.

This seems to have triggered the Rufftown singer who took to twitter to get her views across to the president.

“Dear @NAkufoAddo 1st, FDA stopped celebs from promoting alcoholic bev’s making us lose jobs to Nigerian celebrities
Gaming commission just stopped us from promoting betting serv.
So how do we survive as creative persons in this pandemic? Savethecreativeartsbringbackourjobs”