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How Dr. UN brilliantly belittled Delay on her own show

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August 30, 2022

With the title Ghana’s number one interviewer , Delay has built a niche for herself as the only one who is able to dig out all the dirt in one’s closet.

The Entrepreneur and presenter has over the years, grilled celebrities, social media influencers and different people from all walks of life on her platform. She makes her guest reveal their hidden secret on her show forgetting they will be view all over the world.

So when she posted highlights of her interview with Mr. Kwame Owusu Fordjour, popularly known as Dr. UN, many had high hopes.

For the umpteen time, many had expected another grilling and revelation but that actually wasn’t the case and as Dr. UN brilliantly put it, it was an interview between a presenter with a prejudice mindset and smart scammer.

The interview, which I believe was to pin Dr UN down rather turned to expose how bankrupt and lazy most of us are. Us here means journalists , presenters and bloggers.

Dr UN , on a numerous occasions has ascribed to himself a graduate of the KNUST and Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Not once or twice but on a multiple occasions.

These are easily verifiable. The best anyone could do was to write to Harvard University and find out.

KNUST is just here and anyone can find that out. Especially someone with Delay’s clout could have easily done that.

However, since we are all dimwit and lazy, Delay chose to shove it down our throat. Dr UN in return made her look lazy and unlearned.

No wonder in 2014, a fraudster toyed with GTV claiming to be a Nobel Prize Laureate. The Ministry of Environment , Science & Technology also believed the fraudster and posted his claims on their YouTube channel.

Watch Entire Interview Here:

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