I arrived in Ghana on the 5th of August 2017 and have been in the country till the

time of this writing. The environment and way of life is not too different from

Nigeria. There are however some disparities .

  • Electricity

    The first thought that came to my mind on arriving my residence was to

    go and plug my phone to the power outlet. I also did try to chide a

    colleague of mine for trying to turn ON the air-conditioner. I thought the

    building was powered by a generator. But to my surprise, there was

    always a steady power supply.
  • People

    The people are quite welcoming and can easily smell a Nigerian from a

    distance. They are however not as aggressive as Nigerians, they are a bit

    laid-back. I used to hold the perception that they are all dark in

    complexion, but I was proved wrong.
  • Language(s)

    Most of them communicate in Twi. Their pidgin (Chalé I make nice )is

    also different from what is obtainable in Nigeria. They also refer to

    almost everyone as Chalé. The English spoken by Ghanaians also differ

    from that of Nigerians.
  • Cost of LivingThis should have been the first point. The cost of living is way more

    higher that Nigeria. When I first came, I found it hard to buy some stuffs

    after converting the price to what I could have bought it when I was in

  • The Weather

    I stayed in EastLagon for the time I was in Ghana. The weather can get

    very hot towards March and there is also little rain through out the year

    in EastLagon. I heard the eastern region gets more of the rain.
  • Security

    The country is way more safer then their ‘elder brother’ Nigeria. The

    police seems friendly. Except the case that happened recently, I find

    them to be more friendly even though I haven’t had anything to do with

  • National Pride

    They seem to flaunt their colors a lot. Seems everything has a touch of

    their colors.
  • Road and Traffic

    There isn’t much of a difference in the road network when comparing

    the two countries. The traffic here in Ghana can be gruesome but

    nothing compared to Lagos traffic. The roads are also ladened with

    potholes as in Nigeria.
  • The Music

    Over here, Nigerian music is played a lot. There are also a lot of

    collaboration between the musicians from the two countries. I enjoy

    their music a lot. The likes of Sarkodie, Shatte Wale, Stonebwoy,

    Becca are seen as ‘gods’ here even though they speak a lot of their

    local language.
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By: Ugwu Arinze Christopher

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