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How Sarkodie’s two months of ‘Black Love’ video views dwarfed two years of ‘Highest’ on Youtube

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October 30, 2019

On 8th September 2017, two years ago, Sarkodie released his ‘Highest’ album amid pomp and pageantry at the west hill mall. The album which was a fusion of hip-hop and Afropop songs, had up to 16 tracks on it.

Sarkodie, perhaps without hindsight decided to throw 6 videos off the album at a go for his fans on Youtube.

It’s been 2years since he made that radical decision of faith and all the 6 videos together garnered a view total of 3,842,000.

That’s what a whole Sarkodie, a BET award winner, Africa rap king, over two years got off the ‘Highest album.

Fast forward to 2019. Sarkodie is yet to release the total list of songs on his ‘Black love’ album but he has already released 4 songs and videos off the album.

This time, Sarkodie decided, unlike the previous album, to release the videos one after the other , after hyping it massively.

The result of that decision speaks for itself. As at now, the total views on the 4 videos on YouTube, over just two months has dwarfed that of the 6 videos of Highest album which is averagely over two yeas old.

Highest Album

  • Overdose. -726k views
  • We no dey fear – 457k views
  • Light it up- 630k views
  • Far away- 817k views
  • Come to me- 310 views
  • Glory – 902k views

Total 3,842,000 views

Black Love

  • Lucky – 2.6m views
  • Saara- 1.1m views
  • Do you – 1.8m views
  • Party & Bulls$t – 381k (released 5 days ago)

Total views 5,8881,000

These analysis are as at 14 hours on 30th Oct 2019.

Clearly, the benefits in releasing a video and allowing it to enjoy enough time on YouTube with a separate promotion and hype on social media far out-way putting a group of videos at a go and inviting people to view them.

I believe Sarkodie saw his mistakes and decided to try it the other way round and that has garnered a lot of views on YouTube. More views means more money.

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