On 8th September 2017, two years ago, Sarkodie released his ‘Highest’ album amid pomp and pageantry at the west hill mall. The album which was a fusion of hip-hop and Afropop songs, had up to 16 tracks on it.

Sarkodie, perhaps without hindsight decided to throw 6 videos off the album at a go for his fans on Youtube.

It’s been 2years since he made that radical decision of faith and all the 6 videos together garnered a view total of 3,842,000.

That’s what a whole Sarkodie, a BET award winner, Africa rap king, over two years got off the ‘Highest album.

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Fast forward to 2019. Sarkodie is yet to release the total list of songs on his ‘Black love’ album but he has already released 4 songs and videos off the album.

This time, Sarkodie decided, unlike the previous album, to release the videos one after the other , after hyping it massively.

The result of that decision speaks for itself. As at now, the total views on the 4 videos on YouTube, over just two months has dwarfed that of the 6 videos of Highest album which is averagely over two yeas old.

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Highest Album

  • Overdose. -726k views
  • We no dey fear – 457k views
  • Light it up- 630k views
  • Far away- 817k views
  • Come to me- 310 views
  • Glory – 902k views

Total 3,842,000 views

Black Love

  • Lucky – 2.6m views
  • Saara- 1.1m views
  • Do you – 1.8m views
  • Party & Bulls$t – 381k (released 5 days ago)

Total views 5,8881,000

These analysis are as at 14 hours on 30th Oct 2019.

Clearly, the benefits in releasing a video and allowing it to enjoy enough time on YouTube with a separate promotion and hype on social media far out-way putting a group of videos at a go and inviting people to view them.

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I believe Sarkodie saw his mistakes and decided to try it the other way round and that has garnered a lot of views on YouTube. More views means more money.

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