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I Always Carry Sharp Scissors On Me In Case I Meet Cecelia Marfo – Brother Sammy Reveals His Plans

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October 18, 2021

Maverick Gospel musician, Brother Sammy has revealed that he is ready to take matters into his own hands the next time he comes into contact with Cecilia Marfo.

According to the Ghanaian gospel singer, he will not take it for granted the next time Cecilia Marfo tries to bully him during an event. He made the revelations on UTV’s Entertainment Showbiz, Saturday evening.

The two have not seen eye to eye after Brother Sammy accused Cecilia Marfo of landing a hefty slap on his face under the disguise that she was under the spell of the holy ghost.

According to Brother Sammy , such incident will not happen again since he has plans to carry along a scissors in his pocket to defend himself if Cecilia Marfo tries her cunning acts on him again.

The live worship king also recounted an incident that happened right before his eyes when Cecelia Marfo drew scissors from her pocket to shave a budding gospel musician’s ‘under’ with the claims that she was instructed by the Holy Spirit to do so.

Brother Sammy additionally vowed to never allow Cecelia Marfo have an upper hand over him again unlike some years ago where he regarded her as his mother in the gospel ministry.

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