Ghanaian singer and highlife musician, Nana Boro, who has morphine into Berose 3sisty has made an audacious claim about his influence in the Ghanaian music scene.

According to the “ahayede” hitmaker, he carried Ghana music on his back for ten solid years. This was after a fan made a post intended to ridicule him a bit.

“Nana Boroo ein new hair is longer than his career
Akoa y3 kwasia 😂😂😂😭😭😭”

Nana Boro had his breakthrough song in 2010 when he featured SK Originale in his Ahayede song. This however did not come without a bit of controversy.

SK Originale had posited that the song was originally his and had been sidelined by Nana Boro.

To prove his worth, Nana Boro engineered other hits like “Bebia soso” but his sudden rise and song influence took a dip and he disappeared from the music scene.

He recently came back with a new look trying to resuscitate his career.