Efia Odo

Popular social media personality and presenter on Kwese TV ,Andrea Owusu , known famously as Efia Odo has come out to dismiss the perception that she is a sex freak lady.

Many have described the budding actress and ‘South African Wines’ owner to a sex freak lady who enjoys having sex when she’s in a relationship or into a man. This notion we believe is as a result of her seductive dressing and appearances.

However, Efia Odo has said she prefers to share intimate interactions like cuddling and kissing of the forehead with her partner than outright sex as many seem to perceive her to be.

She took to micro-blogging site, Twitter to make her thoughts known.

I don’t even like sex like how it’s perceived out there. I’m an intimate person. I like cuddling and kisses on my forehead. I ooze sex cuz of my high density of sex appeal. Blame God

A confused follower who found it hard to understand why someone who mostly talk about sex on her page will say she does not really like it, tend to ask her why does she then talks about sex.

Efia Odo relied saying ” Sex education is what I do. Like talking about having protective sex and etc. it’s necessary