Salma Mumin

Ghanaian actress, Salma Mumin has expressed her dislike for questions targeted at the source of her wealth.

According to the actress, she’s an adult and does not owe anyone any explanation with regards to how she makes her money.

I honestly don’t like being questioned about my source of income. I’m an adult and I have a right to my private life even though I have a social life. My financial life is my private life and it should remain so,”  she told MzGee in a recent interview.

“I get worried when people say what they say about us. Personally, I hardly rest. I’m always on the move. I’m always investing and using everything I get to reinvest in my businesses so its really painful when people say what they say about us. For me it’s disrespectful and misleading,” she added.

Salma Mumin recenlty made a trip to her hometown, Wa in the Upper West Region where she made donations through her Salma Mumin foundation to needy kids.