Michelle Diamond, former girlfriend to Shatta wale has granted an interview revealing all that she has gone through with her former boyfriend.

According to Shatta Michy, now known as Michy Gh, her Shatta Wale’s marriage proposal to her during the first edition of the Reign Concert was nothing but fake.

Speaking to Beck on E-with Becks, the mother of one disclosed that, the kneeling proposal she got from the dancehall king was fake simply because its unreal to propose marriage to someone and still torment them.

“Honestly, I feel that proposal was staged. I just want to be honest with myself right now. I did not know about the proposal on that day. It was a surprise. I was excited but you don’t propose to someone and torment them later” she said

” I didn’t force you(Shatta wale) to propose to me but if you have proposed then we should have come out from all these troubles and unnecessary squabbles” she added

In the same interview, the entrepreneur revealed how she had to run away from Shatta wale only in her bathroom robe.