Ghanaian comedian and film actor, Funny Face has taken to his Facebook account to rain accusations on his friends and follow comedians, Kalybos and Bismark the joke for betraying him.

According to the”childrens President” as he calls himself, Kalybos and Bismark the joke have joined forces with Kumasi based actor Lil Win to soil his image. He said the three have decided to ruin his career even after all that he had done for them.

In one of his many allegations, he disclosed how he once gave Kalybos a lady he had been bonking even though Kalybos was fully aware he was having a sexual affair with the said lady. He also touched on how he used to help Bismark the joke but was sadden by what they have done to him.

“I generously gave you my girlfriend to chop” he said without feeling shy.

The father of two went further to threaten the two to say ‘fi’ if he wouldn’t reveal their secrets.

Funny face has been too emotional in recent times with many deducing him to be a drama king who always play the victim for public sympathy.

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