Apparently, Abena Serwaa Frimpong Manso known popularly as Shugatiti does not revealed her bodily essentials and twerk on Social media for free.

According the actress , aside the fact that people waste their internet data to get a glimpse of her twerking videos , she is paid for posting her semi-nude pictures and videos on social media.

‘i just don’t do twerking videos, i get paid for doing twerking videos. i get paid for taking pictures. i get paid for all my post. i don’t see why i have to stop because someone doesn’t lie it.’ she told Halifax Ansah on Okay fm

After her interview, Shugatiti , was paid GHC 1,000.00 for twerking in the studios.

Shugatiti is famously on Instagram for her incessant attitude of posting seductive videos and pictures on her page.