“I Have Visited The Land Of Dead On Two Occasions” _ Wendy Shay Speaks Up

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June 06, 2020

Ghanaian female artiste, Wendy Shay has disclosed that she has visited the land of the dead on two different occasions.

According to her in October 2018, she decided to take a walk with her house help and her dog.

Quite strangely, she started sweating profusely and felt someone was trying to pull out her intestines and then after, she started having stomach burns.

Subsequently, she also started having heart burns when she felt someone was virtually trying to pull her heart out of her body.

She became extremely weak all of a sudden and dropped dead on the ground.

However, before that, she managed to ask her househelp to call her mum and Bullet so she could be rushed to the hospital.

She also asked for her pastor to be called so he could intercede on her behalf.

Luckily for her, she regained consciousness and realized she was at the hospital.

The doctor intimated that there was absolutely nothing wrong with her so Bullet subsequently took her home.

Again in February 2019, she started feeling dizzy when she was at her mum’s place.

She tried her best and got to her sister’s room thinking she was there.

She became very weak and found herself on the ground but managed to call her mum.

It was her mum who came to see her in the hopeless situation and rushed her to the hospital.

Again, doctors confirmed there was nothing wrong with her.

She believes those two situations were spiritual attacks.

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