Former Rufftown Records signee, Ms Forson has for the first time, revealed what cause the demise of her relationship with the record label after she was introduced to the public as a new artist under the label.

Ms Forson who is now under D’black’s Black Avenue Muzik record label was first introduced to the Ghanaian media as an artist by the Chief Executive Officer of RuffTown Records, Ricky Nana Agyemang popularly known as Bullet after the death of Ebony.

Speaking in a chit chat interview, the curvy reluctant musician disclosed that, She was asked to cough out $50,000 by Bullet after she was introduced to the public, an amount she could not afford and had to leave the record label.

“i have talent and i have patience. if i didn’t i would have quit doing music. He wanted me to finance $50,000 for the project. All of a sudden but i couldn’t so he substituted me with someone else” she said after persistent persuasion by her host

She went further to say that, Bullet asked for the money after she was introduced to the public.