The lady spotted in a viral video perceived to have been molesting an aged white lady has finally spoken out about the video and how it leaked to the public arena.

According to her, she has been taking care of the white lady for close to 5 years now and the white woman isn’t a bad person as the video portrays. She however explained that, the old woman was suffering from dementia, a situation that got worse during the Covid19 lockdown period.

Explaining why she recorded the white lady, the caretaker, who has been identified as Ghanaian explained that, she recorded the videos as an evidence.

According to her, there has been many instances the white lady calls the cops on her for no reasons. She added that, the old lady sometimes reports her to her children that she has been maltreating her. To prevents such situations from happening, she decided to record her encounters with the white lady.

Explaining how those videos got leaked to the public, the Ghanaian caretaker posited that, she lost her phone at a program.

According to her, she also has her nudes on the phone.

Listen to her explain herself: