Black Avenue Muzik artist, Gloria Forson, popularly known as Ms Forson has come out in defense saying she retracted all that she said about Bullet because she wants peace.

According to the former artist of Bullet under is Rufftown Records, she blames everything on herself saying her actions were a mistake and her communication was faulty..

Speaking on Okay FM, Ms Forson asked that she is not reduced to liar as things might affect her future dealings and also referred to Bullet as a father she could go to anytime and apologize to.

i retracted because i want peace. people are thinking because i retracted i am a liar. I am a public figure so whatever i say influences people that follows you(me), so i wouldn’t want a situation whereby i will be described as a confused person when i am advising secondary school kids.Even though i have retracted and apologize, they shouldn’t think what i said was a lie. i wasn’t lying” she said

Ms Forson in a series of interviews, laid some damning allegations at her former boss over her ordeal in his arms during her short stay at the record label.

Among the claims were the fact that, Bullet was the cause of her divorce in her first marriage. Something she recently revealed she regret doing.

Also she insinuated that, Bullet had given a number of songs they both wrote to Wendy Shey and named ‘Stevie Wonder” as one.

Upon hearing her accusations, Bullet through his lawyers demanded a retraction and apology from the singer or face him in court.

Ms Forson responded through her lawyers, retracted and apologized to Bullet but she also laid some facts.