24-year-old popular Ghanaian socialite, Queen Farcadi has revealed the real reason she went into prostitution and why she uses charms for protection.

In an interview with Delay, the Slay Queen, who confessed to sleeping with several men from different countries said she went into prostitution because she is lazy and can’t work. She also disclosed that she  protects herself with some black magic.

She said;

“It’s my decision, it’s like you are lazy and don’t want to work so you have to use your body to get what you want … I am a lazy girl”

Farcadi also revealed that she tried working in the past but realized she wasn’t made for such.. She added that upon realizing that ”men only use women,” she decided to make money out of them too.

And on using black magic, she clarified that she does not use this black magic for evil machinations or to enhance her trade but just to protect herself from the harm that surrounds her.

Queen Farcardi added that despite this, she also goes for prayers from Ghana’s only angel on earth, Obinim.