Legendary sound producer and engineer,Zapp Mallet, who was pivotal in the rise of Nana Fyn and Lord Kenya has heaped praises on the CEO of Shatta Movement, Shatta Wale over his consistent decision to speak up against the status qou anytime he’s given the chance.

Though Zapp Mallet is yet to reveal his measure of speaking out, its none negotiable that, Shatta Wale has become the Jesus to carry Ghana’s music cross through cities and concerts to put it at a higher pedestal that it deserve.

Prior to Shatta Wale rejuvenation from Bandana to S.Wale, Ghanaian musicians were treated like scums with the likes of C-zar and Asem who after getting the chance to be in Europe, threw the unpaying music industry into the bin and worked in Europe.

Shatta Wale enviably changed the game and how much musicians in Ghana charge compared to those in Nigeria.
So its no wonder that his exploits has been praised by Zapp Mallet.