Burna Boy’s album ‘African Giant’ is a package that has opened countless doors for the Nigerian artiste as he has been booked by domestic and international brands, and he even received a Grammy nomination for it.

Well, he also won a BET award last year and a memorable moment from the event was when his mother, Bose Ogulu went on stage to accept the award on his behalf and dropped a very deep quote; “Every black person should please remember that You were Africans before you were anything else”

The artist being so proud of his mom, went ahead to feature her quote at the end of his album, and his mother was shocked to discover this as seen in a now-viral video.

In the video, Burna Boy’s album was heard playing in the background as his mom was having conversations with people in the room, but what caught her attention was the outro which was the sound of her voice, stating her famous quote, and she was stunned for a few moments over it.

Watch video below;