A gentleman was met with the unexpected response from his best friend when he requested for his help on how to break up with his side chick.

Apparently, the lad was about to engage his main girlfriend by name Ore and wanted to break up with his side chick, Kemi so he enlisted his friend for help.

Unknown to him, his friend had a totally different assessment of the two women and advised his friend to marry his side chick rather.

The friend who couldn’t allow his friend marry just any woman, gave reasons why the side chick was far better than the main chick.

Among the many reasons included the fact that the side chick once cooked for his friends when they stormed his place one night, something the main chick will never do.

The friend also advised his confused pal to marry Kemi, the side chick because she was bad in sex and was a virgin when they first met.

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If you were in his shoes, what will you do…