Popular actor and NDC candidate for Ayawaso west wagon constituency John Dumelo, has revealed he is willing to donate 50% of his first salary and bonus to the youth of his constituency as development aid.

Election is fast approaching and like a norm, politicians will be all over our radios and televisions making outrageous, achievable and unachievable promises to entice voters and just like a liar that most are, run back into their shells immediately they are voted into power.

John Dumelo who recently toured certain part of his constituency after the place got flooded by rains, has again insisted that he will not neglect his people when he is eventually voted as a member of parliament for the constituency.

According to him, he will not be retain as an MP if he renege on his promises to be with the people and not a one day wonder.

As a start, the actor revealed via his social media platform twitter that, he will part ways with 50% of his first salary for the good of his constituents.