2019 Miss Ghana winner, Rebecca Nana Adwoa Kwabi says she could have won the Miss World 2019 if Ghanaians had supported her.

According to Rebecca Nana Adwoa Kwabi, she deferred her course in school for a year to concentrate on serving Ghana but same could not be said about Ghanaians as they turn a blind eye to her.

Ms. Kwabi made the comment in an interview with Ameyaw TV host JQ at the launch of Miss Ghana 2020 in Accra. According to her, “ I had to defer my course for one whole year to serve Ghana. That is something Ghanaians don’t know. I went to Miss World and there was no support from Ghana. It was heartbreaking. “

Asked if she would have made an impact if Ghanaians had supported her, Ms. Kwabi said “i would have been up there, i would have been Miss world by now, i wouldn’t have been here, Its true”.

Watch the full interview below: