Ghanaian actress and socialite, Efia Odo has called out the government for serving food “not fit for her dog” for primary school student .

President Akufo-Addo during one of his nation addresses, disclosed his government intention to serve primary school student a meal a day during their stay in school. Though the initiative had a good intention, the government have come under bashing by a section of Ghanaians for serving the student unbalance meals.

Recently, a female student in the Northern region was captured on video asking the government if they will serve the same food to their children.

New to add her voice to the poor condition of food being served to the students is budding actress and entrepreneur, Efia Odo.

According to her, the food served by the government is not even fit for her dog.

She took to Twitter and wrote “GOVERNMENT WILL YOU ALLOW YOUR CHILDREN TO EAT THAT CRAP YOU CALL FOOD ??? I wouldn’t even give my dog that shit!