IbrahOne, Mensah Otabil

Rev. Mensah Otabil on Sunday during his church sermon,Hunger for Excellence, described those fond of posting their food and new cloths on social media as people with low thinking capacity.

According to the man of God, trivial things like food and clothes do not need to be widely published on social media as if they are achievements.

It seems his pronouncement didn’t go down well with some people. Among them is popular social media personality, Ibrahim Dauda, known widely as Ibrah One.

Taking to his Instagram story, Ibrah One has flatly replied Rev. Mensah Otabil as if the sermon was directed towards his person.

According to Ibrah One, people who post their food and dresses on social media, be it twitter, Facebook or WhatsApp are far better than the men of God who make out with the largess of the innocent congregations.

He wrote “People who post photos of their food and dresses on social media are better than some so-called holy men who steal the monies of innocent poor people.