Yesterday the President of the Republic of Ghana, Akufo Addo had a ceremony to commission about 307 new state of the arts ambulances that had been purchased to supplement the current Ambulances in the country.

Prior to the ceremony, the President’s social media handle and that of his party sympathizers had posters of the commissioning ceremony posted on social media. It seems not everyone is happy about it.

Popular outspoken Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson has thrown some shots at the president for campaigning for the commission of new ambulances.

According to her, there is no need for the posters and all that just to campaign for the commission of our ambulances.

She tweeted saying instead of the ambulances to be sent to hospitals immediately to start saving lives, they are rather spending another money for its commission.

She wrote “How on earth are we designing posters for the commissioning and distribution of OUR ambulances that should have been sent ages ago to help save Ghanaians! Enough of the POSTERS. This aint a MOVIE! Our Health system sucks! We’ve lost our way!