Internationally recognized Ghanaian comedian, Augustine Dennis has blasted DKB, the self acclaimed king of Ghana comedy for his impulsive behaviour and outright bullying of Ghanaian comedians.

According to him, the comedy industry in Ghana has been set up in a way where all the comedians seems to be working for one person and that person is DKB born Derrick Kwabena Bonney. He also accused DKB of gagging and making calls to sideline any comedian who has a contrary view of how things are done in the industry.

Taking to Facebook, Augustine Dennis detailed how DKB has used the system to cheat and bully other comedians and practically forcing them to work for him.

The comedian recounted some events 6years ago where he was cheated by DKB after they were both paid Ghc 1,000.00 each for hosting the Ghana Television Awards show.

According to Augustine Dennis, DKB pinched a gig for him and paid him 200ghc eventhough he was paid a thousand Ghana cedis. DKB after handing him the Ghc 200.00 further asked for Ghc 50.00 as his share. This was after DKB was paid Ghc 1,000 as his share and also pocketed Ghc 800 from the money of Augustine.

He also recounted how DKB used a comedy show sponsored by Beta malt to cheat his colleagues on the show.

Labeling DKB unfunny, Augustine Dennis described him as an unintelligent person whose jokes revolves around tribal bigotry and fueds.

The comedian also revealed how KSM has been hoodwinked and used by DKB at the detriment of other comedians. According to him, he respect KSM as a pioneer in the Ghanaian comedy industry but he does not respect him as a man. He revealed how he spent 2 hours in a meeting with KSM only for him to speak on other issues when he met with DKB.

He also called out other comedians like Lekxy who he described as DKB’s bitch.

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