The joy and excitement that used to exist between veteran musician, Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah known popularly as Mzbel and fast rising singer, iOna has taken an unpredictable turn of event with one deciding not to answer the whatsapp message of the other.

The two within the shortest possible time, had grown fond of each other with the young talent always seen in the company of the Mzbel. Mzbel in an interview on Peace Fm revealed the two were actually related though not in the nuclear sense.

Their relationship was at one point misconstrued as Lesbian partners. Something Mzbel denied lividly and vigorously insisting such thing never existed between them.

Seems their unbreakable bond has finally been broken as the two are not seen in the company of each other again. Rumors has it that, Mzbel tried signing on the young talent to her “unknown” music label but iOna refused and that led to the two separating unconsciously.

Another allegation that seems to rear it head lately and being propagated by blogger “Abrewa ba konkonsa” has it that, Mzbel introduced iOna to a guy in US but iOna by passed her to betray her to the guy. The guy apparently blew her cover to Mzbel.

In a conversation with ZionFelix, iOna disclosed that Mzbel gave her a single tick when she sent her a message. She however said there’s nothing nefarious between herself and Mzbel but Mzbel is someone who is not used to keeping in touch with people unless you rather extend a message. She added that she had a dream she was in Mzbel house helping her with her cleaning and that there was nothing to hard for God.