DKB Irene logan

Popular Ghanaian comedian, DKB, whose real name is Derick Kobina Bonne has revealed how Irene Logan labeled him an animal after spending 29days at the seventh edition of the Big Brother Africa reality show in South Africa.

The Ghanaian comedian and event presenter was disqualified after he had an altercation with the representative from Sierra Leone, Zainab Sheriff. DKB was found guilty of breaking the Big brother no violence rule and was ejected from the competition.

Unfortunately for DKB, his apology after his actions were not immediately accepted by his own country people as he was labeled and called names by popular people in the entertainment sector. As if that wasn’t even enough, a section of the Ghanaian female society who have blindly and mischievously inherited the title feminism, wrote a letter to the then NDC government to have the Ghanaian comedian arrested for his unfortunate act.

DKB made the revelation on twitter when he was tagged in a Big brother Africa video

“I didn’t play any show for 2 years. I starved miserably and survived on 1gh a day, I swear. Not to talk of the humiliation, backlash and insults I suffered. For example Irene Logan and her friend whose name in saving for the right time, called me an animal.”

“Oh it gets worse, my course mate in Legon was NDC Otokunor, he called me that they’ve received a letter from Ghana feminists that I should be jailed!” he added.

The Ghanaian has over the years, shared how he has been treated badly by a section of Ghanaian since his unfortunate event at the season 7 of the popular reality TV show. He once revealed how he lost a big deal after a woman in the company asked that he is refused the opportunity because he had an altercation in a reality show in South Africa. Though her reasons were bogus and outrageous, the company agreed and denied the comedian the deal.