Most often, i have learnt that being truthful has a consequence. You are either hated or treated as a scum when you decide to lay the truth out there. I might end up being call a scum but had to let this off my head.

Over the years, Ghana has been plague with celebrities jumping from one political party to the other in an attempt to siphon some monies and increase the depth of their pockets. We have had musicians and movie stars like Lucky Mensah, Daddy Lumba, Maame Dokono, Prince David among others who have publicly endorsed one political party or the other with reasons only known to themselves. While some do so solely for financial benefits, others do so simply because they feel its time for a new government or maintain a current one. Often what i have realize is that, no trending star supports a political party in his or her blossoming years. They do so when their leaves starts falling off or are discolored.

This brings me to Shatta Wale. Two days ago, Shatta Wale, who is still drooling over his feature with American pop star Beyonce, sent a notice warning the public from using his name and brand at any campaign or political function/ rally. The SM boss further added that, he and his fans will cooperate with any one Ghanaians elect.

“NOTICE: Moving forward one should use my picture or my brand on any political campaign or platforms . Myself and my loyal fans will support and cooperate with any person who Ghanaians elect as their president.Anyone who wishes to seek any further clarifications/explanations should contact my office (The secretariat) on 054 466 2230

I find his statement not only shocking, but disingenuous and stained with unbridled confusion meant to deceive his teeming fans and Ghanaians in general. I do not want to relay that the “hard and rough” Shatta Wale does not have the balls between his legs but his statements and utterance prior to his statement depicts that he is pretty ball-less.

On July 15 in the studios of Joy Fm, Shatta Wale practically without mincing words , asked Ghanaians to vote for the current president. He said and i quote “Nana Addo has done a lot and needs to be commended. Ghanaians should open their eyes.”

In his reckoning, he indicated that the President is not only doing well, but how his leadership has been able to handle situations during this pandemic makes him deserving of a second term. This wasn’t the only time Shatta Wale has used a platform available to him to pinch sides in the political arena.

On August 2nd when the president congratulated him for his collaboration with Beyonce, Shatta Wale responded by asking his fans to vote for Nana. He subtly echoed an NPP slogan that has now become hackneyed and a cliche, 4more 4Nana.

““Nana wuy3 guy wati 🙏🏻 , you do all too💯 Infact this your tweet dierrrr am keeping it for “4 more years ”👍Pah pah pah pah 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾❤️ God bless our home land #GHANA #Already #SM #Reign #Allout2020”

This again isn’t the last time the Dancehall artist has used platforms given to him to chant the cause of one political party. During the launching of his AsaaseSoundClash with Stonebwoy, Shatta Wale continuously reverberate his unflinching support for the NPP party and his desire for it to be in power.

The intriguing thing about this whole conundrum is, prior to the 2016 election, Shatta Wale was seen hooping from one NDC stage to the other cashing in on the political party’s fortune. Indeed, many had concluded that the dancehall artist was an NDC sympathizers.

Fast forward after professing his love for the current administration and wishing they are in power for the next for years, he is now telling us to yank his name from politics. How disingenuous and confused is he?. Obviously depicting the traits of a chameleon but like a leopard, his spots can’t be hidden for long.