Some ladies have really lost there sense of decency when it comes to fashion. If not what would make a grown up lady put out such an outfit to attend her friend’s traditional wedding ceremony. 

She seems to have danced more than any other guests that graced the occasion. Could it be that she had other things in her mind? 

“These type of people you see like around they act what they do because they don’t have value in them that’s why they show case their body to draw men attention. 

But guess what, after the man have taken what they show case the man will still leave them because nothing was in them. “A Facebook user stated. 

Another user continued ” Forget it, Ngozi Okonji Iwealla can never be found dressing like this because she have something to offer to her generation. 

If all you have is you body you will present it as it is. No 2 ways about .” 

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