The former president of Ghana, John Mahama has reacted to the demolition exercise that took place yesterday evening at the premises of the Nigeria High Commissioner in Ghana.

Ghanaians were left in a state of shock when we woke up to news that the an extension building at the residence of the Nigerian High Commissioner had been demolished by an identified persons.

The osu traditional area later came out with a statement accepting responsibility for the destruction and stated reasons why they acted the way the did.

Reacting to the quagmire, the former president in a tweet, has disclosed how unconvincing he is about government ignorance about the whole demolition exercise.

According to him, it beats his imagination that such a noisy exercise could occur without state agencies picking up signals to avert the destruction.

“Gov’t needs to urgently act & get to the bottom of the demolition of structures on the premises of the Nigeria High Commission. It beats my imagination how such a violent & noisy destruction could occur without our Security Agents picking up the signals to avert the damage.”

“This may just be another reflection of the pervasive insecurity & lawlessness Government itself has visited on the once peaceful Ghana. Meanwhile I call for calm and let’s please avoid any reprisal attacks.” He added.