We have been disgraced by Afia Schwarzenegger’s insults and utterances whether you like it or not. Cardi B will definitely mention her experiences in Ghana and Nigeria anytime she attends her interviews in the States and Africa is mentioned.

The level of disrespect shown at her is totally anew and different from what our forefathers taught us. Ghana is a welcoming country and not one filled with hate and disrespect.

I have watched Cardi B over the years and I am not really a fan of her music, honestly, I only know of “Bodak yellow” but I like watching her interviews because how fun she is. I have watched all her interviews on the Ellen Show and one thing that peculiar about Cardi is her humbleness and her free spirit.

Cardi B flew to Nigeria and she never departed from her sworn core values. She mingled with everyone no matter the resources of the individual or the habitat of the person. She partied in a stripped club and donated items to the orphanage. She performed and spent the night with Nigerian celebs that same day showing no sign of tiredness.

She’s not what Afia Schwarzenegger and the rest tried hard to paint her to be. And to viciously insult her and call her names for something she knows nothing about is the height of disgrace and shame.

We are okay if the tyrant Afia insults any Ghanaian celebrity. We will be fine and at peace knowing very well that her uncouth behavior will hit the corners of the country and rebounds to us but its upsetting that someone who is to know better will reduce her IQ to the level of a mental patient and disgrace us to a foreigner for a problem she has no fault in.

Cardi B will remember Nigeria for the fun and hospitality it showed her but can the same be same about Ghana?

It took an organizer who absolutely disregarded the trust our Ghanaian celebrities had in him, to a group of individually talented but a few simpletons to disgrace a nation of 23million citizens to the world.