Actress Damilola

The Nigerian actress in a social media post has hit hard on one of the most ‘fraudulent’ lines men use to lure girls for sexual intercourse. According to the actress, popularly called Damilola, she has had her own experiences with that.

The mother of one has therefore alerted young girls not to fall for such line because at the end of it, it can even lead to pregnancy. Damilola, who was once married to Ghanaian actor, Chris Attoh, said that the conversation came up whilst she was reminiscing about old life with a friend.

Who remembers this line?!!! So I was reminiscing about old times with a friend and this came up. When you say “No” and he says “Just the tip” My sister. It’s a lie!” she captioned an Instagram post and added a pregnant emoji to it.

The screen goddess post has attracted a myriad of comments from her celebrity friends and followers who also shared either experience or thoughts on the subject she has brought to bear.

Ghanaian actress Zynnell Zuh dropped laughing emojis on her post without stating she can relate or not and a fan with the user name @ susieb231 wrote “There was this story that recalled us in our Uni days. So the guy was pleading and promising that it’ll be just the tip, when this old woman who was passing behind their room heard him. This old woman said “my pikin, no grin oh. That tin no get neck. If head enter, body dong enter [SIC]

See Damilola’s post and share your thoughts with us. Is “just the tip” a scam or not.