Two armed persons plotted to murder Honorable Kennedy Agyapong in his mansion in Tema Community 12 on Tuesday night, March 31.

On the eve of 31st March 2020, two gun men plotted to murder Honorable Kennedy Agyapong in his mansion at Tema Community 12.

He is known to spend most of his off duty at his Tema mansion.

This adds up to the 120 houses the member of parliament in Assin Central has, he disclosed this in his recent interview.

How Did The Gunmen Trace Kennedy Agyapong’s House Address?

This is one of the many questions been asked since this video was released on Oman Channel on YouTube.

Honorable Kennedy Agyapong in his scuffle with Bishop Daniel Obinim did reveal that he stays at Tema Community 12.

He disclosed his location and made mention that he’s not afraid of anyone in the world.

Possibly the two wicked men who failed their mission this time traced Honorable Kennedy Agyapong from his own statement which he disclosed to the public about his house location.

The Two Gunmen And How Their Mission Failed 

According to the narrator (the voice behind the video), the two suspects wanted to murder Hon. Kennedy Agyapong the same way J. B Dankwah was murdered by getting their way into Kennedy’s bedroom.

When the two suspects entered, Hon. Ken’s nephew who works at Net2 TV was the one around.

When Ken’s nephew heard an unusual footsteps, he thought it was his coworker on Net2 Tv.

Unknowingly, he descend downstairs and he was threatened by one of the armed men with a knife and forcefully asked him to lead him to Kennedy’s room.

Ken’s nephew smartly locked the Gunman in one room and shouted for help.

Nevertheless, the robber made his way out through one of the windows leaving the room dispersed with broken glasses.

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