Kidi henna tattoo

Getting a tattoo is not a new thing for most celebrities. The problem mostly with getting a tattoo is the headache many go through selecting the design. Aside deciding which part of your body is okay for the tattoo, most celebrities endure the pain in selecting the exact design for a tattoo.

Most get the designs that mean something to their heart. It could be the inscription of a name or a picture of a pet or something that has a dear meaning to the person.

The new trend is not the tattoo but the design. Lynx entertainment finest and smooth singer, Kidi has joined celebrated Ghanaian singer, Becca in getting the Henna Tattoo.

The beautiful henna tattoo could be found on the long hands of Becca and can be seen on the upper left hand of Kidi.

The beautiful henna tattoo which is usually painted on the bride to symbolize joy, beauty, spiritual awakening and offering, while Moroccans often paint doors with henna to bring prosperity and chase away evil, is steadily becoming the new trend in town.

So don’t be surprise to see other celebrities following suit.